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Welcome to Peter’s Tackle
A Fisherman’s Playground

COVID 19 Update
As of Friday May 22, Peter's will be available for in-store and curbside pickup.
From Our Family to Yours


     It all started back in March of 1992 behind the OLCO gas station on Lake street.  You remember don’t you?  That itty bitty place crammed with everything we had at the time? Well, our ambitions got the better of us and in May of 1994 we knew we had to move to cater to the growing clientele and our dreams of a bigger and better store. Then in April 2005 we knew we had to expand yet again thanks to our customers' needs. Now look at Peter's, 21 years later and still going strong.
    Over the course of our 20 years, we were privileged to have 13 co-op students from local high schools. You can visit Peter’s and see their smiling faces to this day, alongside Scott. Scott can be found either working at Peter's or fishing in the local areas.
     We can’t forget Gerard.  He was one of our very first customers when we were behind the gas station.  He liked us so much he decided to join the team and we are proud that he was part of our family for so many years.  He continues to help us out when he isn’t busy doing bass tournaments, and doing quite well we should add!
     We have grown with the community over the past 20 years. Our customers have grown from kids who could barely see over the counter and now are taking their own kids out to fish.
     We have been blessed to be a part of local events and charities including: donations to the St. Catharines Game and Fish, proud sponsors of the St. Catharines Kids Day tournament held the 1st Saturday in May, the old Catfish Derby, and an advocate and advertiser of clubs and tournaments in the Niagara Region.
     We welcome everyone (our regulars, our newcomers, and our long-distance friends) to stop by and visit our store whether it is to grab the latest lure, test the new rods and reels or to chat with others about our common passion, fishing.

Peter's Tackle
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