Peter's Tackle





Peter’s Tackle Open House

April 5th, 6th and 7th, 2019


 E6X (Selected Model)

(803-2S JWR, 842S SJR, 852S JWR, 853S JWR)

$149.00      Reg. $249.00

IMX (Selected Model)

(803S JWR, IMX 802S JWR)

$249.00     Reg. $349.00

Line Spooling

Up to 20LB P-Line

(CXX, Floroclear)

1 ¢/yd

Up to 50LB Power Pro

(only Green)

7 ¢/yd


(Up to 70% Off)

596C HD DI

 $194.00        Reg. $649.00

Helix 5 G2 Chirp GPS

  $249.00        Reg. $499.00

Helix 7 G2 Chirp GPS

 $299.00        Reg. $714.00

   Abu Garcia

Buy Ambassadeur

 C3 Series BaitCasting Reel, 

Get Veritas Rod (Value $119.00)

     Free (Limited Qty)


Air IM8 9’ (A94-9L IM8)

 $59.97         Reg. $109.00

     Air IM7 8’6” (A94-8-6 IM7)

     $59.97         Reg. $109.00


Chronarch CI4+ Series

(150HG, 150)


                            Reg. $349.00

Phenix Bait

(Bulk-Tubes, Worms, Grubs)

50 pcs for $22.97

(Limit 100 pcs per person)

Live Target

       Buy 2

            (Regular Price)

  Get Sunfish Hollowbody Free

Daily Deal


KVD Series Rod

  $49.97         Reg. $84.97

  • Saturday: Coupon – Spend $100.00 to receive $10.00 coupon

                           Spend over $200.00 to receive $25.00 coupon

  • Sunday: Tax Free - Regular priced items

Daily Door Prizes ($200.00 value) - Every $25.00 Purchase Receive 1 ticket.

Friday April 5th and Saturday April 6th, first 50 customers will receive a free goodie bag.

Peter’s Hat $7.00. For every hat sold, Peter’s will donate $2 to Kid’s Day (Sept. 14th, 2019)

Company’s Representatives and Pro-Staffs will also be here to answer questions-April, 6th

                                             While Supplies Last

                                  All Specials from Regular Price

Please empty spools prior to getting to line spooling sale

       Limited Qty Items

Shimano Sustain HG FI 2500 Spinning Reel

         $299.00                     Reg. $449.00 

                         Sustain HG FI 3000 Spinning Reel   

                    $339.00                            Reg.  $449.00

                       Sustain HG FI 4000 Spinning Reel   

$349.00                 Reg.  $479.00

                    Sahara 4000 FE Spinning Reel

   $74.00                Reg.  $119.00

                   Curado 70 Baitcasting Reel

 $199.00                Reg. $269.00

                   Cardiff 400

            $129.00                   Reg. $299.00

                   Crucial Baitcasting Rod(CRCSGHB)

               $99.00                   Reg. $229.00


                         Compre Rod (B&C Series)

                 $75.00                  Reg. $139.00

                    Sedona 4000 FD Spinning Reel

$59.00                 Reg. $79.97

                          Curado I Baitcasting Reel (200PG)

$99.00                 Reg. $229.00


Pflueger  President (6940) Reel    
                 $49.00                     Reg. $79.97

                     President Lady (6925L,6940L) Reel   

$49.00                      Reg. $79.97

Quantum   Smoke (SL40SPTIA) Spinning Reel         

           $129.00                    Reg. $229.00

                       Micro 4’6” BaitCasting Rod         

           $15.00                        Reg. $39.97

Daiwa   Lexa 300HS/300HSL

            $129.00                   Reg. $299.00

Rapala   Shift Float Reel   

            $149.00                   Reg. $349.00

Humminbird LakeMaster Great Lakes Micro Card   

            $99.00                      Reg. $159.00


                          LakeMaster Ontario Micro Card   

            $129.00                   Reg. $169.00

                 50% Off

                                 (From Regular Price)

Live Target Bait Ball

Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom

Mepps H210 Musky Spinner

River 2 Sea Whopper Plopper 190

Crazy Crank Rumbler

Bass Magnet Tinsel Tube

Angler’s Choice 5” Wart Hawg

Cortland Fly Line

Challenger Minnow

Freedom Hybrid Jig

Hot Spot 11” Flasher (Selected Color)

                   White/Glow(182), Green Onion(945)

Rebel Pop-R Triple Lure

Berkley TEC Vchip Knife Sharpener

                  Rod Armor integrated Bait Wrap

                  Pre-Rigged Swim Shad

                  4” Thief

                  Havoc Grass Pig

Rapala Husky Jerk Live Series

                Flat Rap #10

                Scatter Rap Crank #7

                Scatter Rap #5 Crank, Deep Crank

                X Rap #8

               6” Double Sided Hook Sharpener

              Ceramic Wheel 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

                8” Jaw Spreader

Luhr Jensen J-Plug

Delfin Aligator, Kulpkrokodill

              Stikling, 160,184

PowerTeam  3.5” Texas-Rig Jig

Trokar Octopus Hook   

Matzuo Spinner, Worm Harnesses

Ultra Tungsten Spinner Bait

Fish Skinz  Decal

Baker  Culling Kit

Shimano  Freshwater Waxwing

Winn  Superior Rod Wrap


PowerPro 20Lb. 300yds $24.97      Reg. $39.97

Fire Line (4LB-30LB)     $14.97      Reg. $21.97

Sufix Premuim Mono     50% Off


                    No.1116 Pro Pack 36”-60”
                         Electric Downrigger
          $599.00            Reg. $699.00


                  Magnum 10STX

                    Electric Downrigger

            $679.00            Reg. $799.00



          Tournament/ Live Series Fly

     4 for $32.97

            Reg. up to $10.47 ea

   Luhr Jensen

           Dipsy Diver(#0,1), Jet Diver(#10,20,30,40)

15% Off

     Dipsy Diver(#3/0), Jet Diver(#50)

40% Off


All SpinDoctors

3 for $39.97


Diamond King

5 for $10.00


3 for $10.00


35% Off

Northern King,

15% Off

Trolling Combos

         Starting at $79.97

             25% Off

(From Regular Price)

Berkley Bullet Pop


                  Flicker Shad, Jointed Shad


Live Target Jointed Yellow Perch

                          Jointed Smelt


Rapala Original Floating 13 Fire Tiger

Image result for rapala original floating minnow firetigerSavage Gear 3D Rad

Cisco Kid Wrangler

Renosky Plug

Mason Redicore

Sufix EZ Core-Double shot(3-5-8) Section                          

Jackall Sasuteki Craw

                 Cross Tail Shad

Strike King Dream shot

                         Finesse Worm

P line Kick’R Minnow              

Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue

Fin S Minnow 2 ½” minnow

X Zone X Stik

Berkley Havoc Flat Dawg

Luhr Jensen Hot Shot

River 2 Sea Whopper Plopper 90,110,130                        

Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet Spinner

                   Lil Foxee

Angler’s Choice 4.0 Cross Hair

                                  4” Kill Shot

Bondy Mini Wobbler

Magic Premium Carp Bait

Yum Riverside Grub

Blue Fox Musky Twin Turbo

Pautzke Fire Balls

       4 For $10.00

Berkley T-tail Minnow

                  2” Pinched Crawler

                  2.5” Fat Bottom Shad

Set The Hook

                    Crush Worm

                     DSM 100, KO Jr. Minnow 

Mepps Black Fury Size 00

Phenix Drop Shot Worm

               Ring Worm

Daily Deal


          25% Off

(From Regular Price)

Rapala Flat Rap #8

                Xrap #8

Strike King Dream shot

                         Finesse Worm

                         Series 3 Crank Bait

                         KVD 1.5 Crank Bait

Challenge Lure Minnow

G.Loomis Sticker

Fishing Hat  G.Loomis,Shimano

                          Daiwa, Abu Garcia

Polarized Sunglasses Strike King


Sink’er’ Swim Jig

Southern Lure Scum Frog

Live Target Bait Ball

                           Gizzard Shad


Jackall Ammonite Shad


Lucky Craft All

Arbogast Jittle Bug, Hula Popper

Luhr Jensen Hot Shot

Ultra Tungsten  Spinner Bait

Shimano Waxwing 138 series

P line Deep Diving

Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue

Blue Fox Musky Twin Turbo

Buck Shot Spoon #5

Carp Zoom XXL Corn

Milt’s Tackle Speedy Spoon Crawler Hawler

Northern King Lake Trolls

Luhr Jensen Krocodile  5/8 oz.

Johnson Beetle Spin ‘R Bait

                 Silver Minnow

Warden’s Huskie Tail      

                    50% Off

(From Regular Price) Scatter Rap Crank #7

                Scatter Rap Deep Crank

                Crankin’ RAP

Phenix Garlic Flipping Chunk   

                Drop Shot Worm

                Tournament Ring Worm

River 2 Sea Bubble Pop 88

                          Dahlberg Diver Frog 50

                          Gold’n Crank 40

Sebile Vibrato (Selected)

Luhr Jensen  Crippled Herring

Matzuo Worm Harnesses 

Delfin Asenskjea, Kulpkrokodill,

              Stikling, 160, 184 Spoon

PowerTeam Texas-Rig Jig

                         Craw D’oeuvre

                         JP Hammer Shad

Set The Hook KO JR Minnow

                              DSM 100 

Mepps Black Fury Size 00

Luhr Jensen Kwikfish 8                 

Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner Kit

Trokar Octopus Hook   

Shimano Rod Cover   

Berkley Rod Armor integrated Bait Wrap   

                   Fishing Vest 

Shimano Short Sleeve Tee

Berkley TEC 100LB Digital Scale

                 Tournament Culling System with 15Lb           

                 Digital Scale


YoZuri Flurocarbon 200 YDS$12.97  Reg. $24.97

PowerPro 20Lb. 300yds $24.97      Reg. $39.97

Sufix Siege, Elite        $5.00        Reg. $8.97

Berkley XT 10Lb Clear  $6.97        Reg. $12.97

Seaguer Senshi        $7.97  Reg. Up to$15.97

Siglon F 8Lb.         $5.00        Reg. $13.97

SpiderWire UltraCast Fluoro-Braid

                             $12.97     Reg. $27.97                      

             Trolling Combo

Start at  $79.97

Shimano Tekota 600LC & Talora 10’ Trolling Combo

$289.00            Reg. $368.00 ea


Rod, Reel & Combo

Shimano Voltaeus Ultra Light Rod

              $39.97                         Reg. $69.97

Mitchell Super Moocher 4041

              $20.00                          Reg. $79.97

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite

            $44.97                 Reg. $54.97     

Quantum KVD Series Rod

            $49.97                          Reg. $84.97 

                     Ambush Musky Rod

            $89.00                          Reg. $109.00

 IRON 300SPT/301 SPT Baitcasting Reel

                    $99.00                         Reg. $269.00

Rapala Musky Rod (RT45TR83H2)

            $159.00                       Reg. $189.00

Berkley Cherrywood Spinning Rod

             $19.97                          Reg. $29.97

Daiwa   RG 2500,3000 Spinning Reel    

                               $49.00                          Reg. $69.97

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4(5600 Series)

               $129.00               Reg. $169.00

Shimano Convergence 6’6” Rod &

     Quantum Throttle Reel Combo

            $79.97                     Reg. $149.94

Shimano Zerus Rod &

     Quantum Optic 30 Reel Combo

            $64.97                     Reg. $99.94

HT Micro Master 7’ Rod &

     Lew’s Laser Lite Reel Combo

               $59.97                      Reg. $89.94

Penn Rival Line Counter &

    Berkley Lighting Trolling Combo

               $99.97                Reg. $149.00

Shimano Tekota 600LC &

           Talora 9’ Trolling Combo

            $299.00              Reg. $378.00







Tackle Box


Plano ProLatch StowAway

(3650, 5-18 divided) Tackle Box

        3 for $10.00               Reg. $8.97 /ea

Shimano Tackle Bag

       BLT 100BL        $49.97          Reg. $69.97

     BLT 120BL        $59.97          Reg. $79.97

Plano Softsider Dlx Waist Blue/Grey                       

            $9.97                            Reg. $49.97

Plano XXL ProLatch Box

   $19.97                         Reg. $29.97

Plano Spoon Box
$34.97                         Reg. $44.97

       Fishing Apparel

          Daiwa Face Sock, Rahfish Neckies

   Flying Fisherman Sunbandit

20% Off

    Polarized Sunglasses

25% Off
Fishing Hats    20% Off


 Worm Harness, Floating Worm Harness,  

      Spin’n Glow Harness, Floating Perch Rigs

      15% Off 

Cut Bait Teaser Head

30LB Flourocarbon with Gamakatsu Hook

      4 for $28.00              Reg. $8.97  /ea

Opening Hours

April 5    9:00-6:00

April 6    9:00-5:00

April 7    10:00-3:00



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